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Dear visitor,
Thank you for considering The Law Office of Jonathan M. Raiche, P.L., home of STOPPEDINTHE KEYS.COM. Mr. Raiche is proud to announce that in April of 2010 he left his Private Practice to join the public sector as an Assistant State Attorney, and is currently prosecuting for the Honorable Catherine Vogel, State Attorney for the 16th Judicial Circuit of Florida. As a result, Mr. Raiche will no longer be available to accept new cases at this time. For help in finding another attorney, please refer to the Florida Bar Website, or consult a local yellow pages phonebook. Mr. Raiche would like to thank his current and past clientele, all his colleagues; attorneys, deputies, clerks, and judges alike, and of course his family and friends (many of which overlap with his colleagues) for the help, support, advice and professionalism given over the years, which helped to make his private practice a successful endeavor.

“God bless, and thanks to you all. I look forward to serving our local community and my home. I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Ward and Miss Dunne for the opportunity to do so." Sincerely